Taunton Deane Kale

Taunton Deane Kale I can’t remember when I first came across a mention of growing Taunton Deane Kale (Brassica oleracea v. Acephala). I have a feeling that it might have been mentioned by Charles Dowding on one of his, ‘no dig’ gardening YouTube videos. In any case, I have long wanted to add one to my kale patch. The opportunity came in spring of 2020 … Continue reading Taunton Deane Kale

Rhubarb Backlight

Balmoral Rhubarb

How a variety of rhubarb from Balmoral Castle arrived on my allotment needs some explanation: I should say up front, there is no need to inform the Police – nor indeed, The Palace. My growing rhubarb meets all legal and moral benchmarks – honest! Here goes. We need to go back some seventy years. Jim is the Head Gardener on the Royal Estate at Balmoral. … Continue reading Balmoral Rhubarb

Rhubarb in Spring


I have always thought of my plot as, “my little place in the country”. Some of my best and most relaxing days have been spent pottering about there. It provides the best form of exercise and entirely does away with the need for a gym membership. My fellow plotters are a big part of my social network. Plot visits keep me in touch with nature … Continue reading Sanctuary