Let me confess: Tansy is a pen-name. Perhaps you guessed?

Why Tansy?

I think the humble Tansy has been somewhat maligned. It may be poisonous, but it’s hardly a great threat – even to horses in today’s world. It is a weed, but one popular with a wide range of pollinators. It’s not exactly pretty, but it has great colour and a certain independence of stature.

It appeals to me and it seems a little Scottish in character: wild, colourful, independent, with presence and just a hint of menace. What’s not to like?

Why Grows Greener?

That’s easier to answer. In recent years I have stopped seeing my plot as a place just to grow fruit and vegetables. Instead, I see it as a space I share with a host of other plants, birds and animals. I accept now I have a duty of care towards my fellow residents. Perhaps we humans need to see ourselves as being first among equals with other living things. That is what I am aiming for at any rate. All are welcome along – except of course the slugs!