Hori hori gardening tool

Hori Hori Alternatives

Hori Horis are Japanese gardening hand tools. I am told Hori Hori translates as Dig Dig! The Hori Hori is a cross between a knife and a thin trowel. The originals have wooden handles and quality steel blades with one serrated sharp edge. Unfortunately, the originals cost around £35 and this puts them well into the luxury bracket for a humble plotter.

Luckily, alternatives are available here in the UK from both Amazon and Ebay. My favourite is from WOLF-Garten. It’s called a weeding.planting knife fixed hand tool. Quite a mouthful!

WOLF Gardening knife
A great all-rounder!

Wolf say it’s for cutting out deep-rooted weeds, but for my it has quickly become the tool I like to have instantly to hand as I walk around the plot. I use it for all sorts of light tilling of the soil, weeding, planting, string cutting, tin opening – you name it, it’ll do it.

The handle is plastic, but comfortable enough. The blade has a gentle curve to it and this and the steel used makes it very strong. The whole thing has a quality feel to it and it looks like it would last a lifetime. The colours are a bit garish, but helps finding it when inevitably I leave it stuck in the ground around the plot.

It is possible to use a file to give a somewhat sharper edge, or serrations could be created. I have not yet felt the need for the latter.

This alternative costs under £10 and is a real bargain.

In my book it scores a solid Five Stars Review and I am very pleased I bought it.