Recent developments

My Plot

I rent my plot from the local council.  It’s a full-sized plot of around 90 square meters and located close to a line of very tall, mature trees to the West. By early afternoon in summer about half the plot is in shade .

Plot layout and path
I inherited a central path

I have a decent depth of soil, but left to its own devices it is pretty heavy and claggy. Over the ten or so years I have had the plot I have worked hard to improve the soil, adding organic matter such as composted leaves, cow manure, green manures and garden compost.

Plot layout
Early days

We took over a neglected patch full of the usual couch, docks and dandelions.

Weed, weed, weeds
Windswept and unloved

We did fall heir to a wind-exploded plastic shed which we rebuilt and which served us well until this last year.

A shed no more
Busted flat and blown away
Windfall: our make do and mend shed

It took the better part of three years to get the plot clean and tidy.

Recent developments
The new (2019) perennial veg garden

All very satisfying however, especially when our first crops came on stream.

The first potato crop
A fine first crop